For Sale / Adoption

As much as I love the idea of keeping the site and because Joshua deserves a good one, I’ve now realized I’m not the best person for the job. I simply do not have the passion to maintain the site any longer. My time is limited and therefore I have to give my attention to the projects I have passion for and sadly Joshua is no longer one of them.

I would absolutely love for someone else to take the site off my hands and give it the love and attention it deserves.

For those interested in taking the site over, I realize there isn’t much in the gallery. No Tomorrow is covered except for the final four episodes. I also have his entire filmography in 720/1080 or blu-ray format. I haven’t bothered to cap anything but I do have it all. So if you purchase the site I can easily begin auto-capping each project and sending them to you little by little before deleting it all. Not a problem. I’d hate for it all to go to waste anyway.

The domain expires in October 28th, 2017 via with WHOIS Privacy included. If purchased the site will have to be transferred to your own website host.

Please email me ( with your best offer for the entire site (domain included) or just the domain and any questions you may have.

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