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‘No Tomorrow’s Joshua Sasse Knows Exactly What He’d Do If The Apocalypse Was Near

‘No Tomorrow’s Joshua Sasse Knows Exactly What He’d Do If The Apocalypse Was Near

If you knew the world was going to end in less than a year, what would you do with your time? Who would you spend your remaining months with, and what wrongs would you seek to right? This is the premise explored in the CW’s No Tomorrow, about a cautious young woman, Evie, (Tori Anderson) who falls for the perfect man, Xavier (Joshua Sasse) — except he just happens to believe the apocalypse is nigh. Though Sasse doubts the show will prove his character right (“there are a few too many post-apocalyptic shows already,”) he supports the message the show boasts: Live every day like it’s your last.

“You just don’t know when life is going to end,” the 28-year-old English actor says. “The message they’re after is for people to really grasp and adopt the concept of carpe diem, and to remember what’s important in life. People have been saying [the world will end] forever. It’s not a new idea, but it’s an important and universal one.”

Like many of us, Xavier has a personal bucket list, except his is a doomsday list, and he’s attempting to cross one item off the list every day. Sasse has his own list of things to cross off, but they don’t include trying bone marrow or jumping off cliffs like his CW character. For the former Galavant actor, travel and exploration are the two items he wants to do more of. “Being an actor, you’re employed half the year and unemployed the other half of the year, so you get a chance to explore. So, my list is sort of day-to-day.”

And unlike Xavier, Sasse isn’t broadcasting his conspiracy theories to the world in the hopes of converting others. “I’ve got plenty [of theories], but they’re all private,” he teases. “It certainly baffles me looking up at the stars to think that we’re not alone out there. How could you possibly look at the North Star and feel like we’re the only thing out there? But, I don’t think that’s conspiracy. I think that’s just common sense.”

And yet, Sasse is quick to correct me when I call Xavier a conspiracy theorist. “To him it’s an empirical truth,” he says. “He’s done the math on this. For him It’s a fact, it’s not a conspiracy. A lot of people think he’s crazy, but to him it’s undeniable.”

While Xavier’s views on the world are less than popular, his instance in standing up for what he believes in is nothing short of inspiring. Sure, he hands out questionable end-of-the-world flyers and attempts to warn the world’s leading scientists of the impending apocalypse, but it’s only out of the goodness of his heart. If you believed the world was ending, wouldn’t you want the ones you loved — and the world — to know?

Like Xander, Sasse has an immense sense of passion and purpose which is fueled by his real life embodiment of carpe diem. His Instagram and Twitter account showcases his many causes: Marriage equality and animal rights being two of the most prominent. And of course, we can’t overlook the fact that the actor is a proud feminist.

“Anybody who is a part of society today should be a feminist. It’s about having equality across the board. Saying ‘I’m a feminist’ is just saying that I’m a considerate, genuine human begin with with a rational head on my shoulders,” he says, adding, “If you want to say you’re not a feminist then you can also just put ‘stupid’ across your forehead.” Amen. Continue reading